Monday, December 5, 2011

Catching up

So this mommy knows its been a while since her last entry and she appologizes greatly!  Things here in this mommy's house has been crazy through halloween and thanksgiving.  This year was the princess's first halloween and thanksgiving.  She's also gone to see Santa for the first time!  Crazy how time flies!  She's 10 months old and crawling everywhere!  Where oh where has my baby girl gone?! Anyway, I thought I'd fill you in on what we've been up to!  First off, this mommy made both kids' halloween costumes so that consumed a bit of time, but the results were worth it.........

The boy as Captain America!  This mommy loves his fascination with super heroes lately!  This mommy made this costume completely from upcycled tshirts and a frisbee!  This mommy thinks its pretty cute!

The princess as a cute little lady bug!  This mommy made this tutu dress from tulle and a crochet band, with a homemade flower she was adorable!

Both kids had a blast trick-or-treating at the children's museum and our street!  Both got many compliments on their costumes which made this mommy very proud!

This mommy hosted Thanksgiving at her house and had about 20 people come!  A good time of food, conversation, prayer, and games was had by all! (And this mommy kicked some butt at Wii!)  :)  The boy was able to make sugar cookies with this mommy and he cut them out all himself!  This mommy is sad, the boy is growing up too fast!

Recently we took the kids to see Santa, and while waiting we took the opportunity for a quick photo shoot......

So that is all in a nutshell, but this mommy will try harder to stay updated!

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