Friday, September 16, 2011

Make your own body wash!

This is a recipe originally found on but this mommy loved it so much I'm sending it on to you (with some changes made by me)
Supplies needed:
-2 bars of soap you like the smell of (to be really frugal this mommy likes to get the 3 packs of soap from the local dollar store- I use the 3rd bar for making laundry detergent, stay tuned as this mommy will be adding that on another post!)
-Water (we all have that!)
-Cheese grater
-Large pot
-A plastic or glass bottle to put your body wash in

Step 1: Grate 2 bars of soap into pot
Step 2: Add 2 cups water
Step 3: Place on medium heat and stir until soap is all melted
Step 4: Take off heat and let cool down a bit
Step 5: Once cooled off a bit, pour into bottle
Step 6: Use your body wash!  (a dime size amount on your puff will do plenty!  Make sure you shake it well before each use as it seperates a bit)

That's it!  Now that wasn't so hard was it?  This mommy knew you could do it!  And guess what?  You are avoiding all those extra chemicals in store bought body wash and saving money while you are at it!  If you really wanted to you could even make your own soap to do the same with!  There's an idea for a later day!  This mommy may have to try that..... but for now this will do!  Saving money is an awesome feeling isn't it?!?

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