Friday, September 16, 2011

Sharpening Disposable Razors!

This mommy must admit when I first saw this I was so skeptical.  Nothing is this easy right?!?  But this mommy decided to try it anyway!  Based originally on the methods to sharpen the old straight knives used for shaving on a leather strip.  So here are the steps : 
Step 1: Obtain your razor that is dull and ready to be thrown out (this works for both the fully disposable kinds and the kinds that you have disposable cartridges)
Step 2: Take your razor and run it backwards on the inside of your arm (your arm is after all a leathery substance) blades down but facing the opposite way of the direction you normally would shave. (Think of it as backwards shaving however this won't remove hair this way)  :)  Apply moderate pressure.
Step 3: Repeat step 2 approximately 10 times (This mommy did it a little more than that cause as I said I was skeptical)
Step 4: Shave with your new sharpened razor!

Yep, that's it!  Comments I've seen on this method have people saying they have used the same razor for 2 years without replacing it!  I haven't gotten that far, but this mommy can tell you after she did this with her razor she then went on to shave both legs and was completely knick free!  I love it.  I can get a 10 pack of razors at the dollar store and if its true that I can use the same one for 2 years, I'm set for 20 years on $1!!  Gotta love it!  Can't get more frugal than that!  This tried and true method makes this mommy very happy!!

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