Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Big Dining room makeover reveal!

This mommy has been working hard with the daddy to do a complete room makeover on the dining room!  It needed something, and this mommy must admit the new room is FANTASTIC!  This mommy knows that some of you have been anxious to see the new look and I've been making you wait, well the wait is over, this mommy will torture you no more, the big reveal is here!  The best part of this whole thing was it was all done for $200!!

To be fair for those of you who hadn't seen our dining room before this mommy will post the before picture so you can see the difference:

As you can see this room had potential but this mommy and the daddy had other things to fix up in our house before we worked on this room.  So it sat this way for 3 years!

And now.............

Much better!!  This mommy is in love with her new dining room!  The mixture of grey and yellow makes this mommy smile!  Even the unsightly dog and cat food bins got a makeover to match the room!  This mommy made the curtains, the curtain rod, the lampshades for the chandelier, and painted the food bins!

The details make the room..........

These shelves (which this mommy is planning on adding more to as soon as she figures out what she wants to put up there) originated as part of a flat door we pulled out of our house 3 years ago when we replaced the doors with 6-panel doors!  They were a dark wood look, this mommy thinks it looks much better cut up and painted white for shelves!  The vases were painted by this mommy to match the room color!

This mommy covered the lightswitch covers with the same fabric the curtains were made out of to bring it all together!

The artwork (which this mommy noticed you couldn't see from the first picture) is on the right side of the room and is a photo taken by this mommy.  I made it black and white, then blew it up to a large size, cut it into fourths, mounted it on MDF boards and hung it up on the wall.  This mommy's very first sunflower grown in the front yard is now forever hanging on the wall  :)

This has got to be one of this mommy's favorite parts of the room (the chairs will soon be replaced with chairs and a bench that match the look better, but for now these will do!).  This table was handmade by the daddy and this mommy! (mainly the daddy but hey this mommy did help stain and measure!)  :)  So this is an original piece of furniture and this mommy loves it!!  Very time consuming but it looks fantastic!  Ahhhh!  I could sit at it all day!

So there you have it!  The big reveal!  A whole lot of work and planning but an amazing room to spend our family time in!  Hopefully you love it as much as this mommy does!  And just because I love it sooooo much here's the picture of it again.....

I'm so in love!!  I could look at it all day!  This mommy is one happy girl!

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