Monday, January 16, 2012

Sewing tips

So some of you who read this enjoy my sewing projects and want to start sewing  and since this mommy self-taught herself everything she knows about sewing, this mommy decided to share some tips she uses for her projects that maybe could help you if you are beginning out in the sewing adventures.


1. Get to know your sewing machine inside and out..... yes, you should know every gear in your machine so if something goes crazy you know somewhat about where to check.  And make sure you get a brand you like, some are easier than others.... this mommy is a Singer girl all the way   :)

2. Don't be afraid to try something new...... yes new patterns can be scary and often you look at it and think "i can't do that" trust me, this mommy has done that a lot, but this mommy has also found that if you just say "I can try" and take it a step at a time most things are possible!

3. On that note: know that some projects will defeat you, be ok with that and move on to the next trial.  Getting frustrated and giving up is never the best option!  This mommy has been defeated by more projects than she cares to think about.  :)

4.  Measure twice, cut once....... this is a tip I used to hear in highschool from my shop teacher..... ironically I never heard it from my home ec. teacher......hmmmm....... who knew that my woodworking teacher knew so much about sewing?!?  interesting....... :) 

5. Go Bold!  Don't be afraid of bold, bright patterns in fabric.

6. If you are nervous about a project and don't want to risk wasting good fabric make it first using scrap fabric (this mommy likes to go to thrift stores and get sheets, these make great trial fabric and you get a lot for only a couple dollars..... and sometimes you'll find a fabric there you actually want to use for a project....... like the princess' skirts that I've made from pillowcases, and sheets, and tablecloths, and........)

7. Just because a pattern says to make something from a certain material doesn't mean you can't make it from another material, you can alter almost anything to use what you have!

8.  Never underestimate the power of the iron!  Trust me, this mommy hates ironing and used to skip the ironing steps in patterns, and this mommy also got so much more frustrated.  Ironing helps so much, and it makes your seams look much more professional.... DO NOT skip ironing!  This mommy knows its a pain but it's worth it!

9. When in doubt.... PIN!  This mommy also hates pinning and will avoid it if at all possible, and with practice a lot of things can be done without pinning, but if you aren't confident in having everything in the right place then pin!  And also make sure you pin the right direction, there's nothing more frustrating than pinning everything and then getting to your machine and the pins are going the wrong way!  Ugh, this mommy has done that too many times! 

10.  Sometimes bigger is better........ bigger projects can sometimes be easier projects..... for example, curtains are not that hard but they are big and you need room to work!  Don't be afraid to try a big project!

11.  Save your scraps!  You never know when you will need them!

12.  Just keep sewing!  with time and practice you will become a great seamstress and you will be able to take on any project you would like!

Hope this helps some of you out there!  Remember, this mommy is always here if you have questions for her!

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