Thursday, January 26, 2012

How I spend my "free" time

I thought I'd share with you how this mommy spends all her free time..... between work, 2 kids, babysitting, cooking, cleaning, sewing, family outings, craft shows, fixing up the house, and refurbishing old furniture this mommy needs to fill the gaps  :)  This is what she does...... she runs a photography business known as S&F Designs!  This mommy goes out and takes people's portraits (or pet's portraits in some cases), and also enjoys taking photos of all the beautiful nature around her!  I thought I would share a small peek into this mommy's "free" time work!




So there ya go, a very, very small peek into all my works!  This mommy would run out of blog space if she posted everything  ;)  Hope you liked the peek into my art!  And now you know what this mommy does in all her free time  lol!  :)

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